Your passenger rights and the Brexit


Your passenger rights and the Brexit

Brexit has been tough to conclude and finally in effect. But it’s not clear what is the deal bringing to airline passengers. Let’s check what will happen to your passenger rights after Brexit.


Brexit and the withdrawal act

The withdrawal act is accepted by British parliament and ensures that all European legislation is made into national British law. After Brexit, each separate law will then be scrutinized and assessed to the plans of the British government. Until then, all European legislation applies. Furthermore, the UK adapted the rules regarding open skies, allowing all current airlines to still conduct flights from and to the UK. EasyJet already created easyJet Europe with a registration in Vienna, Austria to avoid Brexit impacts on their flight operation.

Brexit and your right to compensation

The withdrawal act also includes Regulation 261/2004, establishing your passenger rights when your flight is delayed, cancelled, overbooked or you when missed your connecting flight. This means that British law adopted Regulation 261/2004 and you are still entitled to compensation for significant delays just like you were before.

The withdrawal deadline and what happens next?

The withdrawal act has to arrange a period of transition in the UK and is meant for discussing the next steps. In March 2020, the withdrawal act ends and Britain has to be fully adapted to a situation without the EU and the arrangements that were made.